Agatsu Super Hero Workout!

Check out the Agatsu Super Hero Workout. The creation of Senior Agatsu Instructor Sara-Clare Lajeunesse this workout is a blast. Let us know how you do.  

Correcting the Biggest Mistakes In The Kettlebell Swing

Here are both parts to the “Correcting the Biggest Mistakes In The Kettlebell Swing” videos. I hope you enjoy both.

How to Raise Fit and Fearless Kids

Every parent wants the best for their children. We want them to grow up healthy, strong, independent, and kind. We try to in-still in them our ideals for morality as well as health and vitality. As someone who spends his days teaching and training people in how to move and live better I try to … Continue reading

The Road to Agatsu Kettlebell Level 2

The Agatsu Kettlebell Certification is known world wide for its high standards. The Level 2 Certification is revered amongst by trainers for its strict demands and challenging requirements. In order to pass this course you must be a well rounded in mobility, endurance, strength and skill. With last weeks Toronto Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Certification … Continue reading

Top five ways to improve your training

Having the right ingredients doesn’t make you a chef. You can follow Bobby Flay through the grocery store and buy everything he does but when it comes time to cook he will produce a world class meal while you may produce world class crap with the same ingredients. How can this be? You cooked with … Continue reading

Save your Hands!

Hard training is hard on your hands. In one of my earlier blogs I detail how you can save your hands from suffering through torn calluses by working on them with a little home kit. A few of my students just pointed me towards this product that they use to help treat and prevent hand … Continue reading

"Why" train?

Last week one of my students posted a question to me on the Agatsu Facebook Group page. My response seems to have struck a cord with people and has since been passed around and has appeared on other peoples blogs. I thought I would share it here with all of you. Question: Looking for some … Continue reading

Training with a Master of Movement

“Everything begins and ends with our ability to control and move our own bodies.” I have preached this in my seminars around the world for years. Telling student after student to look within and first learn to control themselves before they attempt to overcome the external resistance that is offered by Kettlebells, barbells and other … Continue reading

Searching for dry land in a sea of online fitness follies

It has become quite fashionable to critique various trends in fitness. Complaining about the fitness industry is like swimming in a sea of turds and pointing out the ones that annoy you. Your time would be better spent helping others by pointing them to dry land. Fitness as an industry is a mess. If you … Continue reading