Free Agatsu Training Iphone and Android App!!!

Its here!!! For a limited time the Agatsu App is free for Iphone/Ipad and Android users. You can download this app and follow our Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more. Each week we will be adding more training tips including Kettlebell Sport prep, Gymnastics workouts, Nutrition tips and more. Download the app and share it with your friends. Let us know what you would like to see in it and send us your Agatsu training pictures. We will add the best ones to the Agatsu Training Gallery in the app! Maybe yours will inspire someones training!

Iphone  and Ipad users can download the app here

Android users can download the app here

5 Responses to “Free Agatsu Training Iphone and Android App!!!”
  1. Sara-Clare says:

    Reblogged this on Train For Life and commented:
    Get the New Free App from Agatsu!!

  2. Alex Leadbetter says:

    I can only see a link for the iphone,
    the android link you have goes to the itunes store too

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