Bootcamp Workout- Bulgarian Bag & Rope Circuit with Agatsu Trainer Sara-Clare Lajeunesse

Here is a quick Bulgarian Bag and Rope workout for you from Agatsu trainer Sara-Clare Lajeunesse. For more videos and training info follow us on Twitter and check out Sara’s blog You can also download the FREE Agatsu App for Iphone/Ipad and Android-Search Agatsu

Free Agatsu Training Iphone and Android App!!!

Its here!!! For a limited time the Agatsu App is free for Iphone/Ipad and Android users. You can download this app and follow our Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more. Each week we will be adding more training tips including Kettlebell Sport prep, Gymnastics workouts, Nutrition tips and more. Download the app and share it … Continue reading

Running Warmup Drills

Agatsu Endurance Director Kimchan Ramrattan takes you through a couple of his favorite pre run warmup drills. If you enjoy this clip and want to see more educational videos from Agatsu click “like” and “share.” Enjoy!