"Why" train?

Last week one of my students posted a question to me on the Agatsu Facebook Group page. My response seems to have struck a cord with people and has since been passed around and has appeared on other peoples blogs. I thought I would share it here with all of you.


Looking for some advice;As a personal trainer – working this 8 clients in a row in a given day… When my day is done, I’m done. I don’t want to be I. The gym any longer and just can not seem to mine Motivation for my own workout Any tips on lost motivation? Thank you Shawn. Your still hands down best instructor I’ve ever had!!


Hi Jenn, nice to hear from you. People are giving good advice here. I’ll add my 2 cents as someone who often has to train when he doesn’t feel like it. Try spending 16 hours on a plane, landing and training or 8 hours teaching and doing demos without a warmup followed up and then training. On one trip to Iceland I taught a full day, did my training after the course and then had to run 8k in the rain. Its sucked. I was tired, wet, hungry and cold. Time management didn’t get me to that workout or through it. I don’t think people lack time or motivation. I believe they lack a “reason.” You need a “why” not a how. Why train? Why do this? I trained that day because I have goals. I have things I want to do and be able to do. I train so I can be an example to my students. I train to see what I can do. I spent the weekend studying with Ido in Toronto. After a physical 9 hour day I had a Kettlebell workout to perform from my coach. I did it and hated every second. I was tired and had every excuse not to do it. I did it anyway because I am committed to me. Think about what you want out of your training. Where do you want to go with all of this? Its not motivation you need. You need to find a why?



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