Training with a Master of Movement

“Everything begins and ends with our ability to control and move our own bodies.” I have preached this in my seminars around the world for years. Telling student after student to look within and first learn to control themselves before they attempt to overcome the external resistance that is offered by Kettlebells, barbells and other amazing tools. To become a talented lifter, or sprinters, or any type of athletic human being we must first become masters of movement.

Last year it was my great fortune to meet and befriend one of the most talented movers and teachers I have ever had the pleasure to train with. While teaching at one of my students gyms in Los Angeles another teacher was giving a hand balancing clinic in the same facility. I watched him move and heard him teach and in an instant I knew the quality of what he was doing. I knew within seconds that I wanted to train with him. Ido and I trained together that night and have been friends ever since.

Since our first meeting I have had the pleasure to train with Ido twice and also share with him some of my Kettlebell work. Just this past weekend I had another opportunity to learn more about Ido and his system at his first certification seminar. The seminar was held in Toronto Ontario at The Academy of Lions.

Its hard for me to really share with all of you what the seminar was like. Those of you who know me will laugh at the idea that I am at a loss for words. Yes, typically its hard to get me to stop talking but in this case I have deleted already ten attempts to describe Idos workshop. So rather than offer up a shallow account of an amazing weekend I want to share with you the feeling that it left me with.

I believe you can judge a teacher by his students. Odelia Goldschmidt who is one of Ido’s top students was in Toronto to help out with the large group of around 45 participants. Odelia is a wonder. She has power, grace, mobility, flexibility and humility. To watch her perform is to bear witness to incredible dedication, determination and the pursuit of excellence at a level that few people have a passion great enough to attempt to reach. She reflects Ido’s passion for movement and is the perfect example of Ido’s ability to transmit his teachings. It was a pleasure to train with and learn from her.

So what did we study for almost 9 hours a day? What does Ido teach? Is Ido the hand stand guy? Ido is a master of movement. A teacher dedicated to the pursuit of training the body and mind to move and develop beyond what we perceive as our limited potential. He is the embodiment of the hard training he prescribes and in my humble opinion what he is attempting with his system is to teach movement in a way that has never been done before. Can he show you how to hit a great hand stand? Yes. Can he show you how to do a lever? Yes, but Ido’s teachings are beyond the party tricks in his Youtube videos. Ido is teaching self mastery through movement. I named my company “Agatsu” (True Mastery is Self Mastery-Masakatsu Agatsu) after this very concept. This exploration is something very close to my heart and I was blown away by Ido’s approach to it. He is not the hand stand guy. He is a movement teacher like no other.

Forget the hand stands and other party tricks. Behind them it is all about movement. If you want to become strong, really strong. If you want to become mobile, flexible, and move with power and grace then Ido’s system is for you.




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