Searching for dry land in a sea of online fitness follies

It has become quite fashionable to critique various trends in fitness. Complaining about the fitness industry is like swimming in a sea of turds and pointing out the ones that annoy you. Your time would be better spent helping others by pointing them to dry land.

Fitness as an industry is a mess. If you are new to it, welcome to the party. Park your brain at the door and go get some CECs. I hear underwater basket weaving is now worth 11 credits, YAY!!!

People seem to be spending less and less time training and more and more time complaining. “This video sucks” or “This is terrible and a waste of time” are the labels for the very videos that are posted so often that they go viral. Are you the type of person who breaks wind and hurries to get everyone into the room so they can smell it? If the video is so bad why share it? You are giving more and more exposure to the very low quality training you are complaining about. Just picture a nice swim in a septic tank. When you post these videos its like stopping and pointing out that for some reason the turd floating to your right is somehow more of a turd than the one on the left or the fifty in front of you.

Do you improve the fitness industry by pointing out turds or by creating something different, something you believe in? Now and then we may see something popular that we believe is dangerous and as a professional its worth sharing an opinion however most of what is shared online amounts to nothing more than “they do that, and I do this.” Its the same old tired crap I have seen in martial arts since I was a kid. My dojo is better than your dojo. “You don’t know the real way, only I know the real way.” The truth is there are many ways to the top of the mountain. You need to find your way, I can’t tell you how to get there. I can only share with you my experiences in the hopes that my successes and failures will be of value to you.

We live in an age like no other. We can share info from around the globe in an instant. What took me years to find and research through travel and training can be found at your finger tips. With all this power we are still the same silly apes acting the fool and throwing turds instead of sharing the great stuff we have found. I don’t want to spend my time telling you about what I think is “bad kettlebell training” or “Bad yoga” instead I’ll point you to teachers like Mark Darby and when you see him move or hear him teach you will know what he is sharing is likely to be different than the yoga you have seen.

If I share a video of Coach Rudnev doing long cycle you will see how graceful and effortless his movements are.

When I post a video from Ido Portal on my wall and you watch his control and poise I don’t need to say a word, his practice speaks for itself.

I am lucky to have spent so much time swimming in a sea of turds that I truly appreciate teachers that have offered me a space on dry land. If I am any kind of teacher worth something to his students let me be the kind that does them the same favour. Let me be a light to dry land for those that seek what I seek.



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