A Runners Guide to Barefoot Freedom

Springs, air cushions, air bladders, arch support, toe support, anti pronation technology and  more have been loaded into your $150 running shoes in the name of performance. Well what if I told you that you don’t need those so called “safety” features? What if I told you that your foot is the best shoe money … Continue reading

12 Days of Festivus Workout!!

Just like the song says…. Feel free to sing or #%*&*@!!!! as you do it! -1 Bodyweight Deadlift -2 Rope Climbs -3 Sushi Rolls (Deck Squat into Plyo Push Up) -4 50m Shuttle Runs -5 Deadhang…..PULLUPS! (Chest to bar, don’t be shy  -6 Pistols Squats (3 each leg, share the love) -7 Hanstand Push Ups … Continue reading