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5 Signs Your Trainer Needs a C.A.T Scan

(Computerized Axial Tomography, CAT scan) is a process used to take images of the brain to look for fractures and tumours. Severe head trauma can result in among other things serious deficiencies in brian function. After years of speaking to health and fitness professionals I can not but wonder if the nonsense that many of … Continue reading

Agatsu Team at IKFF Nationals

We just got back from the IKFF National Kettlebell Competition in Detroit. The event was amazing. Ken Blackburn and his team did a fantastic job organizing almost 200 competitors. Several Agatsu trainers from across Canada were there to compete including myself. Agatsu took various gold, silver and bronze medals in different weight classes for Snatch … Continue reading

"Firecracker" Exercise Demo

Here is a short clip of the “Firecracker” exercise demo I gave at the last Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Certification in California. Filmed at the famous Valley Crossfit gym. //

Ottawa/Hull Kettlebell Sport Workshop

On Sunday November 13th 2011 Shawn Mozen (CKSF-President-Agatsu Founder and IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach) will be hosting a Kettlebell Sport Workshop at KTK in the Ottawa/Hull area.  This workshop is for beginner to intermediate lifters and will cover Jerk, Long Cycle and Snatch. Support drills for the various lifts will be explored along with joint … Continue reading