3 Steps to Saving Your Hands from Hard Training

If you spend as much time as I do with your hands wrapped around barbells, and Kettlebells then the odds are pretty good that your palms are starting to look like the surface of the moon. No matter how careful you are, the skin on your hands takes a serious beating from all that hard work. Callouses are a part of training and unfortunately so are ripped up hands. Keeping your hands well maintained and taking care of callouses when they tear is an art. The faster you can get your hands back in top shape the sooner you can get back on track with your lifting.

Here is a simple three step process to preventing and treating damaged skin on your hands.


Step one: Torn and Frayed.

If your hands have torn and you are looking at flaps where flat skin used to be its time to perform a little self surgery. Cut off the flaps with as little of the callous left as possible. I know, its gross and it hurts but if you wanted to be a hand model you made the wrong life choices. Ok Muffin its time to suck it up and start cutting.



Step two: Sand them down

Use something to keep those callouses from growing too large. There are rough stones or other implements that look like little cheese graters that are designed to remove skin and keep your callouses from growing too large. As those bumps start to rise too high or at the first signs of torn callouses use these tools to take the rough and tearing skin off. Don’t dig holes through your hands but also don’t be shy to really work on your hands until the rough edges of the callouses are gone. That doesn’t mean removing all the callouses just keep them at a manageable size.


Step three: Lather Rinse & Repeat

After step one and two its time to apply some healing cream to these meat hooks. (Make sure to use the cream and not the other type) Polysporin cream works great however if its not available where you are look for another similar cream. Don’t be shy with the amount, lather it on.



Routinely taking care of your hands will keep your training on track and avoid injury and down time. You can train with your hands a bit banged up but if they are really torn you may need some down time. Remember if you are going to be stupid, then you better be tough.

Regularly practice the above steps to keep your hands working for you and not against you. Of course use caution with all of the above steps and consult a physician for any serious injury.


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